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Free Spells

Money Spell

Trinka Five

Deposit Five pennies in a jar you have cleansed, and charged for money as you add these pennies everyday from the New Moon to the Full Moon, say:

Trinka Five, Trinka Five Let My Money Come Alive!

Trinka Five, Trinka Five, let my Money Grow & Rise!

When done place the jar out of others eye view ,store where only you can see it.

Re start the spell on the following New Moon and carry through to the Full Moon, Repeat...

* can re use pennies each month if desired or take pennies at the Full Moon and Donate them to an organization.

Ex. McDonald House

Love Spell

To Bring Love To Thee

Materials needed:

2 Red Candles

Doves Blood Ink

Olive Oil( to anoint candles)

Feather( to write with)

1 sheet of parchment paper

Vanilla Incense

2 stick pins(red or pink tops) 


Time this spell for three consecutive Fridays, ending on the the Friday closest to the coming Full Moon(If Possible)

First light the Vanilla incense, then on one of the red candles, carve your name ,birth date, or any other symbol that identify you.

Write your name and the others name or as suggested, the word/s soul mate, Lover,Life Partner, and set it behind the two candles.

Anoint the candle with Olive Oil swiping it from top to middle and from bottom to middle to bring towards you.

Place in the container of dirt to hold up candles

On second red candle, carve, either the person's name you wish to be with, although this is messing with free will, one must be certain of what they want .

or crave my soul mate, lover, life partner, anything that will identify the one who you seek.

Anoint and place in cantainer.

Having placed both candles in the container, about Nine inches apart, take the stick pins and on each candle insert the pin in a position leaving space for two more times to burn.

(you'll let candles burn till they hit the pins, and put out with candle snuffer or fingers.

**Never blow out the candles!***

Light your candle and say:

This candle represent myself and the love I wish to receive. 

As it burns, so does my desire burn to bring my mate to me.

May the one for me hear my call, and with each move of our candles may our love evolve!

In the name of the Ancients, So Mote It Be!

Light the second candle and say:

This candle represent my mate, bringing our love together as fate.

May they hear my call, and race to me loving heart and all!

Knowing we are meant to be, they hear my call, they come to me!

As this candle burns, love & desire fills the air and brings my mate from far or near!

In the Name of the Ancients, So Mote It be!

Move candles closer, move stick pin down and repeat the above on the second Friday.

On the third Friday, move candles right next to each other, light the candles and say:

May the fire of my desire bring to me my lover my mate. As these candles together melt so shall we come together in love and harmony

In The Name Of The Ancients

So Mote It Be.

let candles burn all the way out, melting together.

Make sure to visualize your lover coming to you even if there is not a specific person, imagine,visualize the perfect one for you.

when the candles have finished burning and melting together, look at the wax for symbols of your desire.

Take remaining wax, and wrap it in the parchment paper with your names on it and put it away in a private space. Keep until you meet your lover, then bury the remains in a plant or under a tree near your front door.

by Lotus)0( 2013

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